“Welcome” in All Languages

Alphabetic List of “Welcome” in Different Languages


As a guest writer, I think, this post will be the best introduction for my first article.

Janet Junior

Abenaki (Maine USA, Canada) Kolipaio

Achi (Baja Verapaz Guatemala)[come in] Cat oc lok paja

Adyghe (Middle East) Keblar

Adyghe (Middle East) Fesapshi

Afrikaans (South Africa) Welkom

Ainu [Saru dialect] (Japan) Ahup yan

Aklanon (Philippines) Mayad-ayad nga pag-abot

Alabamu (Texas USA) [to one person] Ont&iaacute;

Alabamu (Texas USA) [to several] Ontitoka

Alabamu (Texas USA) [to several] Ontitokaaha

Alabamu (Texas USA) [to several] Ontiibíyoka

Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Mirë se vini

Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Mirë se erdhët

Aleut (Alaska, Siberia) Aang

Alsatian (Alsace France) Willkomme
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