UNESCO world heritage site to develop tourism

The Curonian spit is a long thin peninsula north of Russia’s Kaliningrad. This national park separates the Baltic Sea from the Curonian lagoon. Half belongs to Russia, the other half to Lithuania. The six resorts along the Lithuanian stretch are crammed with hotels, bars and restaurants, while the Russian part is underdeveloped. Now the Kaliningrad region authorities eye to improve the situation. However, the move might have a negative affect.

Although the Russian side of the Curonian Spit is beautiful and serene, there’s hardly anyone here to appreciate it. Very little has been done to accommodate tourists. The government now wants to change that.

Kaliningrad’s governors have ambitious plans to transform this area and attract one million tourists a year.

But for local bird experts this news is worrying. Anatoly has worked for thirty years there at one of the world’s oldest bird-research station. As part of the main migration route, the Curonian Spit is a resting place for our feathered friends.

With millions of them stopping there each year, it’s been dubbed Bird’s Bridge.

He says the tourists will do more harm than good. Continue reading “UNESCO world heritage site to develop tourism”