India launches unique tourism campaign in Japan

India has launched an unique outdoor promotional tourism campaign in Japan, one of the key inbound markets, by draping Japanese auto drivers in Incredible India T-shirts and colourful Rajasthani turbans.

Amidst fanfare, 10 Velo Taxis wrapped in images of India’s tourism products were flagged off by Indian Ambassador to Japan H K Singh at Ginza, the prime area of Tokyo.

These Velo Taxis will be plying for two months and Japanese drivers will be dressed in Incredible India T-shirts and Rajasthani turbans.

The promotional campaign was undertaken on the eve of Japan Association of Travel Agents’ Travel Fair 2008 in which India Tourism (Tokyo) and the Ministry of Tourism participated, a press release said.

Velo Taxis were specially chosen for the campaign as an ecologically friendly mode of transportation which is very popular in tourist areas of Japan. It is also reminiscent of the ubiquitous three-wheeler rickshaw, India’s commonest mode of public transport.
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