How to get from Singapore Changi Airport to City Center?

Singapore International Airport, ie. Changi Airport, is the main public airport, other one is the Seletar Airport. Almost nobody knows but Seletar Airport was the first international airport of Singapore. Changi Airport has been consecutively chosen as the best airport of the world. This is not a fiction. Whenever you reach there, you will confirm it.

Changi Airport has 4 Terminals. (4th one is going to be opened soon) Therefore, before calling a taxi/grab/uber, be sure about which terminal are you in.

There are three options:

Train – MRT/LRT

Most convenient way of airport transfer is using the train system of Singapore. From Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, you can access to the train station by foot. If you are in Terminal 1, you can use Skytrain which is a free service of Changi Airport.

Cost depends on the station that you want to get off. But it is approximately 2~3 SGD. For an exact budget, check this fare calculator: 

Public Bus

Buses with code 36/36A go to the city. It takes around one hour and costs 2.5 SGD.

Taxi – (Grab or Uber)

You can also use Grab and Uber if you have internet connection in your mobile. If you don’t have any internet plan, you can use 3 hours free WiFi internet of Changi Airport or 24 hours if you have the Changi Airport mobile app (it is detailed at the end of the article, see below).

A regular taxi approximately costs 25 SGD. Premium taxi 35 SGD. If you are in a rush, taxi is the best option.

How to return from City Center to Airport?

You can use the same option to return back from the city center.
If you are in a hurry, we advise you to call taxi services after assuring your location to pick up. Here below the phone number of taxi operators in Singapore :

Premier Taxi Tel: +65 6363 6888
Transcab Tel: +65 6555 3333
SMRT Taxi Tel: +65 6555 8888
Prime Taxi Tel: +65 6778 0808
Comfort or Citycab Tel: +65 6552 1111

For 24 hours free WiFi Service you have to download iChangi app.
To download the iChangi app check the links below:

iPhone & iPad

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