How Much Money will I Spend in Malaysia, daily?

If you are not a luxury seeker, but a keeper of mid-class standard,  you should budget approximately 400 MYR (~90 USD) per day in Malaysia. This is valid for couples or family with one children. If you will travel with more members, here is the calculation.

You may use the below breakdown for budgeting your daily expenses:

Accommodation (max. 700 MYR, min. 200 MYR)

For Kuala Lumpur:
5* hotels are average 350 MYR/night (breakfast included)
4* hotels are average 200 MYR/night (breakfast included)

For Langkawi: (more expensive than KL)
5* hotels are average 700 MYR/night (breakfast included)
4* hotels are average 300 MYR/night (breakfast included)

Food (max. 130 MYR, min. 45 MYR)

  • Breakfast (considered as inclusive of Accommodation) or you may budget as 10 MYR/person
  • Lunch 39 MYR (for fast food, KFC twister box is 13 MYR)
  • Dinner 75 MYR( an average local restaurant will cost you around 30MYR for each adult, 15 for children)
  • Other snacks and beverages 16 MYR

Local Transportation (max. 60 MYR, min. 20 MYR)

  • 3 trips with taxi or Uber, Grab.. each from 20MYR
  • or, local public transportation ( max. cost will be 20 MYR total)
  • KL Airport to City Center, please read this detailed article. -not included-

In a nutshell

for Kuala Lumpur (and this can be valid most of the South East Asia cities, except Singapore)

Maximum Budget: 540 MYR (125 USD)
Minimum Budget: 265MYR (61USD)

for Langkawi

Maximum Budget: 900 MYR (210USD)
Minimum Budget: 365 MYR (85USD)

If you want to visit places with entry fees, like Petronas Towers, KL Tower, Butterfly park etc and involve in other daily tours, you should consider 100 MYR/adult/day, 50MYR/children/day or 250 MYR/day in total.

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