Crema, Lombardy, Italy

After a turistic visit to Italy this is my second trip, but this time for business. Arrival city was Milan. Later I’m going to publish pictures of Milan and some architectural places like, Piazza del Duomo (Milan Cathedral) and The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

My second stop was Crema. Crema is a town province of Cremona, in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy. It takes around 1 hour with a private car from Milan. You can check the location of Crema on the map of Italy with a red “T”. Crema is one of the best medieval historic city in Italy.

Crema’s traditional economic activity is agriculture and cattle breeding. But now, Crema firms can produce iron products, cotton and wool textiles, electrical equipments and milk products.

Crema mainly has two districts, but not officially, old city and new city. Old city has city walls, has main gates.

Almost all of the architectural-historical places are within the old-city walls. The most important and the biggest one is The Duomo (Crema Cathedral). The facade of the cathedral was made in Lombard-Gothic style, and it has a tall bell-tower.

You can walk along the streets without any disturbance even in the night. In the night residents of the city closes almost all shops, cafes and also bars.

12 thoughts on “Crema, Lombardy, Italy”

  1. Hello Ted, I also visited this lovely old city three years ago. Hope to share you some photos. You took great photos.

  2. I live in Crema since I was born and I love it .
    I’m very glad you took many pictures… so nice and amazing for me 🙂
    I hope you come here again and let me know .
    Best regards

    Doni ^____^
    alias little-prince on Flickr

  3. Wow, Gorgeous picture. I am really surprised to see the lovely picture. Italy is really an attractive country to millions of tourists. I also wish to visit there.

  4. It should admit that the city has unique beauty 🙂 and that you really did a great job with this pictures. Actually I felt in love with the last one with the colorful sunset.

  5. Wow, looks fantastic, Italy is one country I haven’t yet travelled to, all my friends rave about it, looks like a fantastic place for luxury holidays

  6. wow, what a glamorous pic, in point of tourism Italy is the place of nature for luxury tours

  7. I guess I’m missing a lot from my previous travels in Italy. The pictures looks so lively and beautiful. Want to come back!

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