Sweden’s National Parks

Far from the hustle and bustle of Sweden’s busy cities, are its National Park System. Sweden’s national parks number 28, located from the north to south. The northern part of Sweden, is mountainous and offers a fascinating view of the hot springs, geysers that shoot hot water high into the air from beneath the earth. The terrain is similar to that of the moon. In fact, film makers often film on location in this area as a result.

Swedes believe strongly in being environmentally responsible and place a high standard on natural parks that provide protection to wildlife and plantlife. Of these, Abisko, a national park in the northern Lapland province of the country, near the Arctic circle is spectacular for its sweeping stretches of land that climb upward into mountains. Not only is it one of the 28 national parks of Sweden but it is also the site of a research center used primarily for environmental, biological and geological research.

Dalby Soderskog in southern Sweden is smaller and believed to be the remains of a primaeval forest. It is a lush, green area that contains the ruins of an ancient fortress.
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