Pamukkale Photos, Turkey

Pamukkale is a beautiful gift of the nature (and of course God :)) located in Denizli province of Turkey. Denizli is in the west, Aegean Region. It means Cotton Castle in Turkish. It is popular with white terraces of travertine. It was added under UNESCO World Heritage Site at 1988.

Here some photos for your enjoyment.

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Marmaris Turkey, Advice for Travelers

A view from the shore of Marmaris

Marmaris is located in the Muğla Province of Aegean Region of Turkey. For the exact coordinates, please paste this coordinates   36° 51′ 0″ N, 28° 16′ 0″ E    into google maps. This small city is one of the most visited cities in Turkey by British travelers. However, as its a well advertised and used location in the Turkish series, broadcasted in the middle east, Arab tourists are also in love and search for the secrets of this destination. Especially the single Arabs show interest for the beaches and clubs. Here is a simple but must to-do list for the travelers of Marmaris:
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Mardan Palace, More luxury than Burj al-Arab

The Mardan Palace, a $1.4 billion luxury resort, was unveiled just the other night at an opening party in Antalya, Turkey. The turnout of the party included over 600 international dignitaries, as well as celebrities. The guests were able to dine on top of the Mediterranean’s largest swimming pool and enjoying some great performances from Tom Jones and Mariah Carey. Some guests that showed up at the grand opening of Mardan Palace included Paris Hilton, Sharon Stone, and Richard Gere.

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