Swaziland Travel Details


Big Bend to: Manzini (13 daily; 1hr 30min); Siteki (2 daily; 1hr 30min).

Manzini to: Big Bend (13 daily; 1hr 30min); Hlatsi (2 daily; 1hr 30min); Johannesburg (3 weekly; 8hr); Lavumisa (2 daily; 5hr); Mbabane (27 daily; 45min); Nhlangano (12 daily; 3hr 15min); Siteki (15 daily; 1hr 30min).


Manzini to: Durban (3 weekly; 10hr); Johannesburg (3 weekly; 8hr).


Manzini to: Durban (daily except Sat, 1hr), Johannesburg (3 daily; 1hr), Maputo (1 daily Tues-Thurs; 45min).

Mbabane to: Johannesburg (3 weekly; 7hr 30min); Manzini (27 daily; 45min); Nhlangano (4 daily; 4hr); Piggs Peak (10 daily; 1hr).

Nhlangano to: Manzini (12 daily; 3hr 15min); Mbabane (4 daily; 4hr).

Piggs Peak to: Mbabane (10 daily; 1hr).

Siteki to: Big Bend (2 daily; 1hr 30min); Manzini (15 daily; 1hr 30min).

Swaziland Travel Information

A tiny landlocked kingdom, Swaziland lies in the spanner-like grip of South Africa which surrounds it on three sides, with Mozambique providing its eastern border along the Lubombo Mountains. Although South Africa’s influence predominates, Swaziland was a British protectorate from 1906 until its full independence in 1968, and today the country offers an intriguing mix of colonial heritage and homegrown confidence, giving the place a friendlier, more relaxed and often safer feeling than its larger neighbour.

During the long years of apartheid, white South Africans regarded Swaziland as a decadent playground, where sinful opportunitie, forbidden by their Calvinist rulers, were freely available. This image is fading fast, and though Swaziland still feels a lot more commercialized than, say, Lesotho, its outstanding scenery , along with its commitment to wildlife conservation , makes it well worth a visit. With a car and a bit of time, you can explore some of the less-trampled reserves, make overnight stops in unspoilt, out-of-the-way settlements and, if you time your visit well, take in something of Swaziland’s well-preserved cultural traditions .

In recent years, Swaziland has become something of a draw for backpackers , with useful transport links to different parts of South Africa as well as Mozambique, some good backpacker lodges and plenty of adventure activities from horse-riding to whitewater rafting. Continue reading “Swaziland Travel Information”