Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, UA Emirates. It is the third one in the World’s Tallest Hotels list:

# Building City Height
1. Rose Tower Dubai 333 m
2. Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang 330 m
3. Burj Al Arab Dubai 321 m
4. Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai 309 m
5. Baiyoke Tower II Bangkok 304 m

Burj Al Arab
Last Floor
Burj Al Arab Hollow concrete chamfered cubes texture

18 thoughts on “Burj Al Arab”

  1. I watched how this hotel was planned in NatGeo or Discovery (not sure where exactly). It’s amazing how they planned all of it. Also the designing of each room. I could only dream of checking-in in that hotel. Its soooo very expensive!

  2. Yes, the hotel Burj Al Arab is one the world’s most expensive and most beautiful hotels. Especially it looked so esoteric in the red evening light along the shore of the Persian Gulf when I visited Dubai recently. Unfortunately the economic downtour of the world at present might influence the hefty investment activity in the Dubai Islands project as well as the construction and development at the main land of The Emirate of Dubbai. If you are afraid of a bursting bubble economy you should definitely go to Dubai soon to experience the whole – unbelieveable – development when everything is still going well.
    Photo Soren

  3. It certainly a unique piece of architecture. It was designed to look like a sail apparently and it definitely achieves that.

  4. I always look at these photos wonder what is going to happen to all the Emirates if the sea levels do rise…………..

  5. I have spend 3 nights in the Burj Al Arab. Honestly I didnt like it.
    Everything is very aritfical and so quiet. The city centre is approx. 30 min far.

  6. I was there last year, it really looks amazing and glamorous but somehow doesn’t fit in the surroundings.

  7. Wow, Mind blowing architecture can beat all man made marvels… oops its remain as a Great History.

  8. Burj Al Arab is amazing. I want to go there soon. The beauty of this Burj is so much that i can’t say in words. Burj Al Arab is one the world’s most expensive and most beautiful hotel. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

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  10. Amazing One. I just love Dubai and its eye-catching places. Just adorable. Nice Share.

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