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If you need a daily trip from Venice or Murano, you can choose this small island in the Venetian lagoon. Island of Burano is 35-40 minutes by ferry from Venice. You feel like travelling in a “Lego City” by the inspiration of the houses with delicious colors and the size of the houses. It is said that the houses were painted different colors out of the fishermen aspiration to see their own houses far from the sea.


Lace making

Lace-making is the one traditional occupation of the Burano people. They also gain their living almost totally from the Fishing, but before tourism boost.


Burano Houses

Torre inclinada de Burano

You can visit the Lacemaking Museum ( Museo del Merletto di Burano ) located at Piazza Galuppi, 187. It’s open from 10am to 4 pm every day. Museum is in the old Scuola di Merletti or lacemaking school.

Buano channel


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  1. Heh 🙂 the “Lego city” the best suits for Burano I think, thanks for the tips and pictures.

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  3. Its really a great post with excellent picture. I like to travel Burano. Hope one day I will be there.

  4. Hi, Great advise for daily trip, Lacemaking Museum is very attrecting place so thanks for information…post really very nice.

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    Thanks for sharing these nice pictures. Most tourists come to see lacemaking and to buy lace. Alas, much of the lace you see is mass produced in Asia and the whole idea of producing fine lace is falling out of favor with young women still living on Burano. Still, you might catch a glimpse of someone making lace in front of her home. It’s important to check out the provenience of the lace you buy. Be aware that truly handmade lace is labor intensive and expensive.


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    You can visit the Lacemaking Museum ( Museo del Merletto di Burano ) located at Piazza Galuppi, 187.

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