10 Tips for Better Business Travel

# Buy a light travel bag that holds a change of clothes, laptop, charger, phone, pen, paper and has a handle, shoulder and backpack straps. — Rob Bamforth, analyst, Quocirca

# Pre-book your seats, print and keep the confirmation as online booking systems can fail, leaving you in the enviable position to prove you are on the flight and in the right seat. — Phil Young, head of IT operations, Amtrak Express Parcels

# Get a big wallet that takes passport, tickets and receipts all together in one place. — David Supple, head of IT and creative services, Ecotec

# Take your own Ethernet cable with you – plenty of hotels now have ports for broadband but either run out of cables or other guests have broken them. — Tony Hallett, editor.

# Pack paper and pen – they have a longer battery life than your laptop and are more multi-functional. — Rob Bamforth, analyst, Quocirca

# Always eat before – and not during – a long-haul flight. — Andy McCue, chief reporter.

# Check the rules for bringing in telecoms equipment such as a personal VPN device as some countries place restrictions on their ‘import’. — David Supple, head of IT and creative services, Ecotec

# Don’t carry more than you need (spares, extra clothes etc), buy replacement/extra items at an airport. — Bob Tarzey, analyst, Quocirca

# Move to the destination time zone as soon as you take off. Once there, live to that time zone immediately – even if this means going to sleep three hours sooner or later than you want to. — Steve Ritchie, CIO, Investcorp

# Try to avoid working when you are travelling – the whole experience is bad enough without adding to the stress by having to complete your presentation before you land. Use the time to catch up on leisure reading and movies. — Elaine Axby, analyst, Quocirca


4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Better Business Travel”

  1. Another good tip for business travellers is to stay in rather than a hotel. There’s nothing worse than coming off a flight only to be greeted by a sterile hotel room. I always find that a serviced apartment makes you feel that you’re living in a country for a little while, rather than just another tourist or business traveller.

    And it’s just far more comfortable too.

  2. That’s good tips. Good checklist. I use to make check list before going for a travel. Recently i went for cruise vacation. That was a nice cruise with my friends. In that cruise holiday we took care lot of before going.

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