Beijing Olympics: The Official Book

If the Beijing Olympics were a book, what would it look like?

Given the tight secrecy surrounding the opening ceremonies and heavy security preparations in the capital, it might not be an open book. Given Beijing’s penchant for a lavish Olympic celebration, it would probably be over-the-top.

That seems to be the thinking behind the IOC’s official Beijing Olympics book.

A statement from the book’s printer, MediaWorks Asia, tells us that the book will be covered in gold silk, which sounds appropriately fit for an emperor.

And it’s not a book for just anyone. Only 800 copies will be printed, and the IOC will give them as gifts to VIPs such as the chiefs of Olympic sporting federations and heads of state (presumably only those who are coming to Beijing for the Games). The volumes are currently en route to the capital from printing plants in China under tight security.

(Photo courtesy of MediaWorks Asia)

(Photo courtesy of MediaWorks Asia)