Beijing Olympics: Terror bombing was bla bla bla

Do you want to read some lies (or not the exact truth) , go on;

Beijing Olympics: Terror bombing was ‘Muslim jihad’
By Malcolm Moore in Kashgar (

“We found papers on one of the suspects saying that their religious beliefs are more important than their lives, the prosperity of their families and even the well-being of their mothers. They were trying to perform a jihad,” said Shi Dagang, the Communist party secretary of Kashgar.

The two men were named as Abdul Rahman, 28, and Kurbanyan Ahmet, 33, both from Kashgar. Mr Shi said one was a taxi driver, the other was a hawker.

The two men drove a lorry into a troop of policemen that were on a morning jog outside the Yi Jin hotel. After the lorry overturned, the men threw homemade grenades at the policemen before stabbing them with knives, Mr Shi said.

“One of the men lost his arm in the explosion. The other is already on trial. We recovered nine grenades, two long knives, two daggers and a gun.”

He vowed that there would be a “severe and continuous crackdown” on future attacks, which he said were being instigated by foreign terror groups.

“From our investigation, this was well-plotted for a long time, at least a month,” said Mr Shi. “The attackers knew the times when the police do their jogging.” Continue reading “Beijing Olympics: Terror bombing was bla bla bla”