Best Mobile Service for Travelers in Malaysia

There are mainly four mobile service provider in Malaysia:
Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, U Mobile

You may check the coverage on the map for the location that you want to visit in Malaysia. (Service provided by OpenSignal)

Most of the rural areas Celcom is the best. For example Celcom has the best coverage for Langkawi. For Kuala Lumpur, almost all of them are same and usable.






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How to get from Kuala Lumpur Airport to city center (KL Sentral)?

If you are travelling alone, or with a family not more than 3, it is cheaper to use KLIA Ekspres, which is a non-stop airport rail link service. If you are more than 4, I advise you to use taxis or some other apps like Grab or Uber. Average one-way taxi fare is around 120-100 MR (Malaysian Ringit) (approximately 18 GBP, 23 USD).

KL Sentral, which is the transportation hub of Kuala Lumpur, is the final destination of KLIA Ekspres.

KLIA Ekspres has two stops in the airport for each terminal namely KLIA and KLIA2. KLIA is the main terminal. KLIA2 is the terminal mostly for low-cost airlines and the newest one.

Journey takes 28 minutes (KLIA – KL Sentral), 33 minutes (KLIA2 – KL Sentral).

KLIA Transit Fares:
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What is the best season to visit Malaysia and Singapore?

Best months to visit Malaysia and Singapore are February, March and April. Because of their locations in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Singapore generally hot and humid throughout the year.  Temperatures are around 30°C by day, sometimes a little higher. However, there are several months, much more suitable to visit since there is less rain.

  • Between February and April is the best for outdoor activities.
  • Between May and June is the hottest time.
  • Between July and August is the best season for shopping, there are some festivals like Great Singapore Sale, George Town Festival of Malaysia etc.
  • Between September and October, the west coast of Malaysia, like Langkawi, rain is more than average.
  • Between November and January is the wettest time and the duration of rain takes longer than usual.


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