Ninety Mile Beach – New Zealand

Ninety Mile Beach is on the western coast of the North Auckland Peninsula. It is terminated by rocky volcanic headlands, Scott Point to the north and Reef Point to the south. Between the two points is a beautiful arching beach of white sand facing the Tasman Sea.

The origin of the name is uncertain, for the beach measures only 55 miles. It can be used as a motorway at low tide and, provided the sudden watercourses which seam the sand are crossed slowly and proximity to the waves avoided, the surface can be used with confidence.

Here is the map of Ninety Mile Beach – New Zealand

Ninety Mile Beach – New Zealand

Kenya Wins Tourism Award 2008

Beatrice Gachenge wrote a story about Kenya’s scoop on allAfrica.  Kenya scooped the “Best Leisure Destination” award at the World Travel Fair in Shanghai, China. This was the outcome of a combined effort in the industry to revamp the image of the country, which had been marred by the post-election violence. Apart from participating in the World Travel Fair, Kenya’s delegation of Kenya Tourism Board officials hosted media and travel agent forums in the cities of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.China is one of the fastest growing tourism markets for outbound tourism and Kenya is looking to bite into this market by diversifying the market portfolio.

The World Travel & Tourism Council predicts that China will become the third biggest economy in the world for travel and tourism over the next 10 years and it is the second fastest growing country on tourism demand.

Kenya Map

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