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Special Beach at Big Sur California

Moar Sunrise

Morning Rise

Golden Sunset Picture


Freshwater Beach at Sunset

  • http://delhitoharidwar.blogspot.com sandeep

    the most romantic sunset pictures have seen.

  • Florence

    It is so beautiful my friend
    Thank u for sharing

  • http://www.rsanow.com.au RSA Certificate

    Oh my goodness these are amazing! I love how the sunlight is all coming through the cave in the first picture

  • John Espinosa

    Oh my GOD its real beauty of nature. awesome

  • theinnkpr

    Great pictures, Its very hard to get get those once in a life time shots, looks like you have gotten your fare share, keep up the great work

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    so beactiful photos!! its like a dream!!

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  • nuket

    i was looking for a sunset scene pictures to paint, my first reaction was.. o my god!!! this pictures are amazing and gods amazing talent of creativity :)

  • Murali

    really great pictures, thank for sharing….

  • http://www.amusingocean.com amusingocean

    How nice the all pictures are! thanks Janet Junior for sharing.

  • Mr. Shaun

    Thanks for a marvelous posting!! Sunset pictures really amazing.

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    so much nice places. i like it so much. awesomr places.

  • Jack Dowson

    Hi, I am reading all your travel related articles & i just love all of them mainly this one i liked more. Its just the real fact of travel around the world. Thanks for your information & help with us.
    Thanks again.
    -Jack Dowson

  • Kerala Man

    Just awesome sunset pictures. Thank you for such a great sharing. Although you should add the sunset pictures of Kerala(India) as it is that place from where sunset reflections can be seen for long time.